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This Coffee Shop is Dead

This Coffee Shop is Dead, a new play by Anna Michael, will be presented May 20th-23rd, 2019 at The Tank. Michael's premiere work at the venue will feature the playwright, alongside Eric Taylor and Steven Meeker Jr., under the direction of Talia Feldberg.

The play occurs in an upscale coffee shop - the kind of place that does things the proper way; a macchiato is no more than two ounces of liquid, and employees like Chester (Taylor) and Olivia (Michael) quiver with laughter when customers request that their café latté be made with GOAT milk. They are the misfits - baristas dying inside a "dead" coffee shop. And speaking of death, there's Alice: Olivia's never-seen friend from home who is suffering traumatic effects after attempting suicide. Over the course of several days in their lives, we ponder with two young people the causes of such serious actions, and where accountability lies within them. Laden with sarcasm and sprinkled with warmth, the play ponders the value of memories, the mundanity of survival, and the "savior" narrative in a New York where iPhone applications seem to be the only emotionally safe ways to socially interact.

Broadway World Press Release

Directed by Talia Feldberg
Presented by The Tank
Produced by Leigh Honigman and Tony Macht
With Anna Michael, Eric Taylor, and Steven Meeker Jr.
Set by Isabel Loughlin
Sound by Patrick Dunning
Lights by Elizabeth McManamon
Costumes by Danica Martino

House on Fire

A nightmarish, darkly comedic look at the ways in which white supremacy and class privilege warp language/history, and the extreme lengths those with power will go to excuse themselves of guilt. A play about white privilege, class warfare, and what it means to live in America today. Presented at The Tank NYC, Feb 20-23, 2019. Pictures by Dion Mills.

Featuring: Brandon Bogle, Raquel Loving, Sophie Laruelle,
Anna Nemetz, Dean Tierney, Nyani Totty, Ema Zikovic 

Writer/Director/Producer: Jack Sullivan

Stage Manager: Caren Celine Morris

Assistant Director: Alicia Herder
Producer: Leigh Honigman
Associate Producer: Myka C. Cue
Movement Director: Imani Vieira

Production Design: Alexandra Scully

Costume Design: John Beltre

Music and Sound: Simon Brown

Art Assistants: Gara Munoz, Mandy Marcus

House Manager: Mikaela Berry

Of the woman came the beginning of sin and through her we all die.


“Of the woman came the beginning of sin and through her we all die” is a retail/feminist/cult adaptation of the Garden of Eden set in the basement of a Free People store. The text explores the inner emotional lives of four femmes (Bluebell, Bleeding Heart, Sweet Pea, and Pumpkin) trying to thrive in a retail environment that sells the idea of “softness” and “classic” femininity as a lifestyle brand in a hyper-real space. This play deconstructs the idea of “a safe space” to examine if and how we can avoid hierarchizing pain in these spaces, as well as reconciling uncomfortable differences about their own privileges.

“Of the woman…” has enjoyed previous workshops at 999 Productions, and as part of the 2018 Youngblood’s Bloodworks Reading Series at Ensemble Studio Theater.

Design collages were created for our print program by:
Alice Tavener (Costumes)
Catherine Clark (Lighting)
Brittany Vasta (Set)

The Ugly Kids

A musical told through spoken word and jazz-inspired sound outlining the story of an eating disorder and the act of saving oneself. Presented at the 2018 Fresh Fruit Festival at the wild project on the Lower East Side. The Fresh Fruit Festival is presented by All Out Arts to celebrate the LGBTQ community’s unique perspective, creativity & diversity, and to build links between the LGBTQ artistic communities, be they local or international. onstageblog praised this production for its “catchy music, but also smart writing and a powerful message behind it,” finding it “likely related to anyone who deals with not just an eating disorder, but potentially a wide variety of mental illnesses which prevent people from enjoying life to the fullest.”


directed by jt friedman
written by anna michael
musical composition and direction by tony macht
lead producing by leigh honigman
associate producing by emma hasselbach
p.r. by kata stevens

Moira McAuliffe
Kendall Cafaro
Patrick Swailes Caldwell
Joey Nasta

Lighting design: elizabeth mcmanamon
set design: sarina rivera
costume design: danica martino
stage management: chloe morrell


Gain! is a site-based play which follows four young men through an evening in their local weight room. In that gathering space - at times heaven and others hell - they struggle to understand themselves, one another, and their world. Enjoying a sold-out run at Sportslab NYC, this site-based play was reviewed by No Proscenium, stating “Gain! shows how toxic the importance of self-image can be and how harmful gender stereotypes are: an example of men taking it too far when it comes to appearing “manly.” YesBroadway reviewed this production as “high-octane” and “surprisingly profound.”

Written/directed/co-produced by henry sheeran
lead producing by myka cue
marketing + associate producing by leigh honigman
executive produced by This is not a theatre company
stage management by caren celine morris
graphic design by william planey

featuring: darian jobity, ben natan, dean tierney, ben salus

Phantom of the Paradise In Concert

"Phantom of the Paradise in concert" is a live adaptation of the rock opera cult classic written and directed in 1974 by Brian De Palma. Reviewed by onstage blog as "an entertaining spectacle of a concert show...that makes one feel nostalgic for the time period."

This live in concert experience featured a cast of 13 singers, a five piece band, and multimedia elements scattered throughout and ran March 12,19,26 and May 14th, 2018 at The Secret Loft in Greenwich Village.

adapted and directed by sean pollock
musical direction by emily croome

Lead producing by lindsey freeman
associate producing by leigh honigman

To Hell in a Handbasket

A journey story through natural disaster, To Hell in a Handbasket explores one woman's personal redemption under the most dire of circumstances. this solo show ran at the Kraine Theatre July 27-28, 2015.

written by daniel duren
directed by anna michael

featuring: ruby tollman

Asst. Director: alicia moeller
Light and set design: daniel loveridge
sound design: mikaela berry

props designer: kendall allen
associate producer: daniel duren
lead producer and costume design: leigh honigman
production stage manager: val insardi
asst. stage manager: josh hall