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Nightmare before Insomnium: A Funeral For Chainsaw The Clown

Following a tragic accident leading to the death of noted chainsaw juggler Chainsaw the Clown, Insomnium Theatre Company hosted funeral services at their annual horror theatre dance party, NIGHTMARE BEFORE INSOMNIUM.

Chainsaw is survived by his wife, tightrope walker Irina Sullivan, his brother-in-law, psychic performer The Magnificent Z, his sister, burlesque dancer Barbie Wacko, and her husband, club owner Walter Wacko. But who was Chainsaw the Clown? And why is the rest of his family suddenly disappearing one by one?

october 26th, 2018.
the paper box, 17 meadow st
brooklyn, ny


by Sarah Kane
directed by JT Friedman

Dean Tierney
McKenna Harrington
Jimmy Kenna

assistant direction by Jennifer Kaplan
scenic design by Daniel Geggatt
associate scenic design by Evan Dye
costume design by Bonnie McHeffey
lighting design by Elizabeth McManamon
sound design by Jonathan Bugbee
fight choreography by Anna Michael
SFX by Leigh Honigman
Asst. SFX by Ellie Ryan

production stage management by Chloe Morrell
assistant stage management by Joe DiBernardo


November 14-16, 2016. Location: Fordham Kehoe Theatre.
Photo Credit: Avery Bart

Honorable tasks included an onstage eyeball gouging and an edible dead baby, with pivotal assistance provided by Ellie Ryan, FCLC 2019.

Ugly Lies the Bone

By Lindsey Ferrentino
Directed by Jedediah Schultz

Meaghan McLeod
Michele Ang
Evan Sibley
Paul Alban
Maya Davis

Photo Credit: Gerry Goodstein

Responsible for executing Jenny Kessler's burn prosthetic design for a workshop of Ferrentino's topical political drama.

Asst. Costume & Makeup

Miscellaneous credits assisting the woman I owe everything to, Danica Martino.